If You Are Using An Advanced Web Browser Such As Firefox Or Microsoft Edge Click Here If You Are Using A Low Level Consumer Device Such As A Phone Or Tablet, Or Using Google Chrome Or Apple Safari Click Here What's The Difference
OK! Got It! Let’s Do This!

The Difference Is Substantial

If you are using either Firefox or Edge, you are exposed to open source technology which has been a W3C web standard for over fifteen years.

For Example

With Edge and Firefox the need for extensive CSS is alleviated. They both allow scalable HTML text to be used. They also allow CSS div's to be positioned relative to a document structure instead of being dependent on the screen window size.

This means that web presentations can be easily built as a template using screen aspect ratio design for the layout and all graphic and text assets can be standardized to the set template size.

In the Firefox/Edge example web site you will find that the layout is designed for the ATSC HD standard of a 16:9 aspect ratio. You can verify this by changing the size of your web browser window.

The presentation will always display centered with a 16:9 aspect ratio, no matter the screen aspect ratio being used by the screen device.

Notice also that the text scales, even though it is HTML text. This means that the text size is set one time only. No need for CSS media queries or responsive web design break points.

Another benefit is that the text does not reflow on screen size changes. This prevents unwanted textual artifacts such as widows and orphans in the text display.

Google And Apple Prefer....

On the other hand, Google and Apple have no desire to support the full W3C web standards. Their job is not to improve the web experience, instead it is to fragment the experience, while at the same time, selling as many phones and tablets with their respective operating systems installed on them.

One way of doing this is to limiting what can be done on the device without using their specific software solutions.

Please Rotate Your Device Designed For HD Wide Screen Display